Friday, July 27, 2012

Beware of Fleeting Wishes

I had a thought pop into my head…that when I was a teenager I was jealous of a friend who was getting braces. I didn’t like the way my teeth were growing in apparently.

At another time, I think I was upset because I didn’t need glasses – I can’t remember, but this thought came to me as I pushed my glasses that I have been wearing for years now while working on the computer (not quite sure how much they help)….… I’ll have to ask my Mom about it because it was just a fleeting thought…not sure if it’s real, but it feels real.

After that came to me, I had to laugh a little to myself (and then, of course, write it all down before the aftermath of everyday life wipes it away)…I have had so much work done on my teeth (that never had braces on- even though a dentist once thought I did because I “have the perfect bite”…not anymore) – including several crowns, root canal, a bridge, numerous fillings for cavities, and an implant.

I also now have glasses to read (although they don’t seem to work quite right either), computer glasses and the ones that work the best are those cheapo magnifying spectacles that I now keep 3 pairs of tucked in various spaces to help me see the teeny tiny print on bottles and packages.

A few fleeting wishes, made as a pre-teen, have now manifested in ways I never would have thought back then.

One statement that kept coming up when I had an entire season marathon watching “Once Upon a Time” was,”All magic comes with a price.”Apparently, some wishes do too, so be cautious of your wishes because you will never know how or when or in what form they will come in.

Don’t even get me started wishing for ample cleavage!