Monday, October 22, 2012

Passing on Words of Wisdom…or Butting In???

I’ve noticed it before, but it has recently become more prevalent to me…I butt in where I’m not wanted or meant to. We all do it, but once you become aware or it’s blatantly pointed out to you in some context – it really sinks in. Although sometimes it takes a few hundred times before it sinks in…eventually you get the point, or you don’t and you keep pissing people off – usually those closest to you.

I’ve done it personally, professionally, as well as with strangers. It’s the “Helper Bee” in me. Sometimes it’s welcomed, sometimes it’s not.

I have noticed that as I get older, I really want to share my “older and wiser” anecdotes and thoughts and ideas and experience with those younguns in my life. Sometimes it seems like they are listening and engaged and getting something from it…usually not. But of course, we all did it. We think we know it all…it’s a gift to be that independent and sure of yourself, and a curse because a lot of times it has blown up in our face. That’s the true meaning of live and learn.

I think with strangers it can go either way and they either thank you so much for your help, or they give you the stank eye or the “you are a nutcase” eye!

I do also tend to repeat myself…either I think I’m being ignored because someone hasn’t acknowledged that they heard me, or they are choosing to ignore me, or I feel that what I am saying really is important and I really want to make my point, or I just feel like I’m right and I really want to point out that fact…sometimes it’s a “I told you so” moment.
All part of the growing process I guess…you learn or become more aware about something about yourself – a character “flaw” (although that may not be the right term – but some would use that phrase – I like to use the term “quirk” – we’re all quirky in our own ways)…then you choose to ignore it and go on as you normally would, or you stop and then  make the choice – do you want to be more aware and change that characteristic or do you just go on and have it continue to be part of your make up.

I’ve decided to “give up the ghost” on repeating myself incessantly…it’s quite a fitting time since Halloween is next week!