Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Calling?

So I FINALLY (almost a year later) watched the last few Oprah Winfrey shows. They’ve been on my DVR since last May.

I ran out of space & missed a few of my key shows…a couple season finales & semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars. I know, I can watch these online. It’s lame but this is me, it’s who I am.
So, I deleted a few shows & decided I would finally watch the last few shows of The Oprah Winfrey Show and then delete them.

I didn’t watch Oprah regularly. I caught the show if I was home sick, or saw an ad and she had someone on who I really wanted to see, or sometimes I caught the show during one of the many times I was unemployed.
Little did I know when I decided to watch them last night that The Oprah Winfrey Show finale, was exactly what I needed…at that time, in that place.

They say that things come into your life when they are supposed to. Who would’ve thought that a TV show taped a year ago would be exactly what I needed. I’m not that surprised cause it’s OPRAH!
There were so many messages in this last show that I’m probably going to be mentioning this show again in future posts because so many of the themes spoke to me now. Here’s the one I decided to write about today.


Friday, May 4, 2012


So, last week I had a Birthday. I turned 45.

I cannot believe I am 45. When I thought of 45 while growing up, I know I didn’t think of it as “OLD”, but I did think of it as an age where you should be grown up & mature. Most of the time I don’t feel so grown up or mature. But, I think if you asked my friend’s kids who are in there teens or 20s – they’d say I was a grown-up at least.
At 45, I figured I most likely be a parent, surely not a grandparent so young.  BUT, my grandmother was a one at 40, and I have friends who are already grandparents. I’m not even a mother.

So Birth Day = Reflection.