Thursday, October 31, 2013

Review - Throw a True Blood Party: An Unofficial Guide to Partying with Your Favorite Vamps

It's appropo today, of all days, that I decided to finally write the Blog post on this book.

It's fun! Why wouldn't it be? True Blood is fun.

Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series was fun, but really ran out of steam by the end of the series and many people were disappointed with the ending.

The HBO series True Blood is fun...but has gone off the deep end from the original premise and has some really whacky plot twists and storylines.

Still...they are addicting....just like they are supposed to be. And, they are escapism in its truest form.

The ideas, the concepts, the tchockis, the costuming...everything in Throw a True Blood Party: An Unofficial Guide to Partying with Your Favorite Vamps will help you throw a bash that has all the undertones, and over-the-top tones for a night full of laughter and mayhem!

The only downside of having the products in the book is that there were coupons attached to several of them...but the majority of them expire at the end of 2013.

But, the Holidays are coming up & this would be a great gift for any friend or family member who is even the slightest bit obsessed with the books or show, throwing theme parties, or like an interesting array of books for their shelves and coffee tables.

Why...because it's FUN!

Happy Halloween!

Throw a True Blood Party: An Unofficial Guide to Partying with Your Favorite Vamps
Paula Conway

Published June 13th 2013
Riverdale Avenue Books
Disclaimer: This book was provided to reviewer from the publisher, Riverdale Avenue Books through NetGalley for the sole purpose of reading and review.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review of My Brief History by Stephen Hawking

I had heard of Stephen Hawking, just the name, but really didn’t know who he was and his remarkable path and contributions until I started watching “The Big Bang Theory”.  See! The “Boob Tube” does have some redeeming qualities!

I didn’t even know his condition is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (aka ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease). He mentions his condition throughout the 75-page.
The book is truly a “brief” history of Stephen Hawking’s life, but encompassing a life lived and full of love, fun, humor, self-deprecation, honesty, determination, genius, bravery, science, questions, answers, accomplishments, inspiration, black holes, quantum gravity and the universe.
It’s simply written…for the most part except when he goes off explaining some of his research and theories in depth. I just read through those parts a few times, trying to understand an overview of the subject matter and Hawking does a great job of presenting these highly technical concepts to the general public.
The brilliant thing about Stephen Hawking’s work and life, is that even without this condition he would still have made the contributions he has to the world of science and physics, BUT because of the disease and his public persona, he shows the world how it’s possible to overcome limitations and what seems like insurmountable obstacles and come out the better for it – all the while inspiring others and contributing to both the scientific community as well as the “general public”.
More than once on “The Big Bang Theory”, Howard has done his impression of Stephen Hawking’s electronically produced voice. The fact that the man has been on the show in person, has been mentioned several times, as well as was in one episode playing “Words with Friends” with Sheldon shows us that he has an immeasurable capacity to find the humor in the hand he’s been dealt.
He explains the process he went through and the rewrites he undertook when writing the bestseller, "A Brief History of Time” which presented complex physical concepts, but made them accessible to the general public. I can’t wait to read it!
Even though the book is literally “brief”, it is overflowing with a plethora of a rich, full and amazing life and I pray he continues to contribute and inspire for a long time yet to come…because there is no such hope as time travel.  ;)

My Brief History
Stephen Hawking

Publication Date: September 10, 2013

Disclaimer: This book was provided to reviewer from the publisher, Random House Publishing Group – Bantam Dell through NetGalley for the sole purpose of reading and review.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Diving In...

I tore out some pages from an old Notebook. I do not know when this was written, but the page after it is dated 12/1/2002...I've transcribed directly from the written page. Apparently I wrote from a flow of consciousness & in the moment because there are not line or paragraph breaks.

Tear - A tear is something that comes from the heart - it has 2 meanings - to break and also a release. When I cry, I'm usually releasing something - guilt, guilt, anger, anger, anger, upset, angry, overflow with emotions because everything gers caught up inside and sometimes I just need to let it all go. I really like meditation and yoga classes because they are a release of stress, anger, sadness, happiness - all sorts of emotions come to the surface and I usually shed some tears - of happiness, joy, sadness, lonliness, longing, fun, endurance, stress. Tearing somthing up can be a release a also. To let go of something, to destroy so something can be created again - anew.Release sadness, lonliness, happiness - breaking my heart because it is so full and I want to give so much to someone - I'm tired of being lonely. Crying tears of sorrow.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Review of What's So Funny?: My Hilarious Life

Tim Conway is one of the funniest people to even grace us with his gifts.

In What's So Funny?: My Hilarious Life we are taken on a short breeze of a ride and learn a bit about Tim’s colorful parents, some outrageous stunts while growing up in Ohio, his stint in the military and enjoy a few stories and anecdotes of his professional career…thus far.
There are a few surprises along the way. For one thing, his real name isn’t Tim… ;)

I was genuinely disappointed because it was so short. I would have no problem reading a 400 page tome written by this man. I know I would be laugh until my sides hurt and I couldn’t keep the tears from rolling down my face.
Personally, I think entire books should be written by the players of wonderful shows and movies some of us have had the privilege to watch and be entertained by and loved. Because unfortunately, a lot of these wonderfully talented people have left this world and we won’t see the likes of them again. It’s a blessing that we have the technology to see them in action on DVDs, Internet Video, and TV stations dedicated to reruns of the unforgettable programs my parents grew up enjoying, and I was able to enjoy in my childhood.

He also only added a few stories and anecdotes about his kids & his wives which I really wanted to know about, but he left them out of the book in deference to their private lives which is commendable.
He’s a memorable character creator, and can throw a line without cracking a smile (although those of us who have ever watched him play off of Harvey Korman know that everyone around him breaks down first), and doesn’t mind playing “second fiddle”.

Even if you aren’t a reader of biographies and auto-biographies, I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever seen Tim Conway on lovable shows and movies like, “McHales Navy”, “The Carol Burnett Show”, and “The Apple Dumpling Gang” movies.  And for those who haven’t been as fortunate yet – look them up, watch & laugh!
Only then will you know the brilliance that is Tim Conway and want to read about how he got to be the hilarious “straight” man we know & love him to be!

What's So Funny?: My Hilarious Life
Tim Conway, Jane Scovell (With), Carol Burnett (Forward)

Howard Books
Publication Date: October 29, 2013

Disclaimer: This book was provided to reviewer from the publisher, Howard Books through NetGalley for the sole purpose of reading and review.