Monday, July 15, 2013

Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

I am truly and utterly blessed to have been born and raised in the United States of America. And as we have just celebrated the 237th Birthday of our grand nation – I am even more blessed to be an American WOMAN.

We all have our own personal problems, and as we are going through whatever it is, it seems to be the most important thing in the…and at the time – it is. Our friends and families get sick, people we know and love die, pregnant women miscarry or a parents’ child is lost far too early, women and children are violated and abused, people murder each other, tragedies & inexplicable horrors happen – and we hear about it far too much and far too quickly – no matter how distant from our own “little world” it is.
BUT, if you are an American, you are born (or should be) – FREE to become whoever you are meant to be. I know there are things that prevent every American, Hell, every person on this Earth from rising to and even above their potential. As someone recently reminded me…everyone has potential – no matter what the area.

It’s true that women weren’t allowed the inalienable right to vote until 1922…it took quite a long time, BUT eventually the right we were born as Americans to have – came.

There are, however, some wrongs that still need to be righted…the majority of the time we don’t earn as much as our male counterparts, the leaders – in both business, as well as political are not women, and we get dinged for taking off time to have children (and yet if we didn’t, the population would eventually die out).

And most of that is because of how it was at the time of our nation’s birth. Women took care of the household, the children, cooking, etc.   BUT some of them also worked the land…in addition to all those “womanly duties” and this is how it’s been for the most part, in most places – since time began.

My 10 year old cousin says she wants to be the President of the United States. If she sticks to this path, and since she won’t be able to be for another 25 years, I really hope she isn’t the first Madame President. And, as an American female, in 2013 – this option is available to her should she continue on this road to reach her highest potential.

But at the end of the day…I am a free American and I can do whatever I want to within the laws as set forth by the individual state and local governments, as well as the federal government of the United States of America. I don’t have to cover my hair, my face or the bulk of my body. I do not have to walk with anyone or behind someone. I can read what I like, watch what I wish to, and eat what I can make or afford to buy.

I am proud, honored and eternally grateful to be an American Woman – Thank God I was born in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave! Hallelujah!