Friday, November 22, 2013

Review of Leverage Your Laziness

For those of us who KNOW we are lazy, this book will still come as a surprise because it gives you a great formula to help you discover more about yourself and provides some simple tools that will help you to do what you love...all the time!

It's also a quick read. I finished it in about 3 hours which included some thinking, reflection and pondering on the questions asked by the authors.

And for those of us who KNOW we are lazy - the content doesn't go around in circles, spouting the same tiresome dribble that we've heard in so many other personal growth tomes.

It's the perfect mixture of inspiring quotes, sound advice, cheeky humor and self discovery...all rolled into just 67 pages!

I still took 3 pages of notes, including a few self discovery, assessment questions...yes, you DO have to do a little work...but I promise it will give you insight into how you can truly be lazy...doing the things you love!

I recommend Leverage Your Laziness to anyone who doesn't want to get stuck doing something they hate, are not good at or do not have fun doing - or, if you are in that prediciment now. Teenagers and Geriatrics alike will get something useful and possibly life-changing in just a few hours!

Leverage Your Laziness
Jeff Goldberg & Steve Bookbinder

Published June 1, 2013
Sound Wisdom

Disclaimer: This book was provided to reviewer from the publisher, Sound Wisdom through NetGalley for the sole purpose of reading and review.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Living Death

Another oldie I wrote and recently ripped the page out of an old notebook...from 12/1/2002.

I'm typing & posting right away without any fear of what it says because I have no idea.


Frail, old, weak, peaceful. Letting go of time, space & light. Go to the white light, but it's not time yet - there is still so much to do - so much more love to give and share. Breathe. Slow & steady - slowing down - peaceful. Pain - not much, but some. Mostly peace - remembering - longing to do it over - to be in those special moments one more time. No regrets - all mental strain is gone - just peace. Steady, slow - peaceful. Relax - see the spirits - go to your loved ones from them - love - peace - completion. The circle is complete, time to release and be reborn - the soul will live on and be reborn - more, new, different experiences. Sleepy - very tired - lazy - peaceful. Slow tears, a few drops - missing those I leave behind, but knowing that my spirit will be able to be with them and my light & love will surround them always. Light - peace - completion - breathe - slow, steady, slower, eyes closed - breathe - light - inner - go to the light - breathe. Dark.