Thursday, March 28, 2013

How Will I Know?

Will I know when you come around, that you’re the one I’ve been longing to find?

Will I know when I look in your eyes, that you’re the one I’ll be with the rest of my life?

Will I know when you kiss me goodnight, that you’re the one who should be holding me tight?

It seems as though I’m drifting through time, searching for the one I’m dreamed I’d never find.

Will I know when I’m standing by your side, that you’re the one I’ll be loving for the rest of my life?

When I find you I believe I will know, that you’re the one I’ve needed with all my heart and soul.

©Laurie J. Bokuniewicz
12:56 a.m. – 1:06 a.m.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Review: The Spark: A Mother's Story of Nurturing Genius

I don’t have children, but I think Kristine Barnett has the right idea – nurture a child’s excellence in any area they gravitate to.
A big part of nurturing is being aware of the talents a child possesses and also keeping a conscientious eye out for talents because they are not always prevalent and out in the open.
I know there are certain standards that the public education system has to adhere to, and with not enough teachers and overcrowding in classrooms – it’s hard for a teacher to have the capacity to really see each student as an individual and to find that one thing about each child that makes you think, “There it is!” and then to be able to nurture it. It’s even more difficult when that child appears to be stuck in their own little world as often seems the case with autism.
This is where we, as parents, friends, relatives, clergy, and all other adults who work with and interact with children – even if it’s not on a fairly regular basis have to take a stand. It’s our responsibility to nurture children and to guide them, to help them build confidence instead of pointing out what is wrong or lacking, or what a child cannot do or is struggling with and to instead, help them grow and nurture areas where they excel.
Midway through the chapter, A Chance to Play, there was a story of one of the girls that Kristine had in her daycare and her Dad was having a very hard time – Kristine’s solution was to tell him to take care of his senses. She told him on his way home to buy a chicken, along with rosemary and sage, wrap himself in a warm blanket, put on music he loves and look at a family album – he needed to reconnect with his senses. It made me cry. It was also funny at the time I was reading it because all I could smell was skunk…I figured our neighborhood skunk gave a hearty spray recently.
I had just made chicken soup a few days ago and the warmth and the comfort of sitting on my couch, wrapped in my blanket and reading this incredible story by this caring and nurturing woman – these stories of the love and giving of herself to her children and her community – just made me warm all over and filled me up so much that it came out in tears because it had nowhere else to go. 
The overall values of the book are – play, be of service to others, let children help and do simple chores even at a young age, be open to see a child’s talents and nurture them!
Along with running a daycare, Kristine created an early evening program for local kids with autism called Little Light. That led to the creation of Youth Sports for Autism and eventually, Jacob’s Place.
One of the ways Jake is able to be social and at ease with people despite his autism is by playing sports, by playing sports, these incredible children worked at, “prioritizing friendship, social interaction, community, teamwork, and self-esteem.”
This story is a family’s story – of the struggle of having an autistic child…and in turn, a genius to boot!
But, it’s not just Jacob’s story, but the story of the Barnett family as a unit, and a mother’s wish to be able to communicate with her child. She adds a little salting of her family history and the grounding in that family’s faith and charity that formed her and her husband into the giving, loving, and selfless people who strive to help others and in the end, help themselves and their family.
Because of this and taking some chances that would seem to some unorthodox, Kristine and Mike Barnett made choices and followed the true path of Jake’s potential in math and physics to go to college at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, at the age of eleven!
The intermingling of stories and examples throughout the book added to its brilliancy. It is refreshing to find examples of not just the author’s children and family, but of other families that helped keep the book well-rounded and helped fully tell this triumphant story.
I highly recommend The Spark: A Mother's Story of Nurturing Genius by Kristine Barnett to all adults who have children in their lives, their own or others – who will benefit from this inspirational story of overcoming obstacles and discovering that magic, even in adversity is possible.
Random House Publishing Group
Publication Date: Apr 9 2013
Pre-publication of the book was provided to reviewer from the publisher, Random House Publishing Group, through
NetGalley for the sole purpose of reading and review.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Reading is FUNdamental

In the first post of Living Life by the Seat of Your Pants I thanked several female authors, “for writing women with true, powerful qualities like intelligence, humor, sexiness, confidence, silliness, passion, sympathy, boldness, strength & compassion.” (I can’t believe I just quoted myself).

In the past few months I’ve been engrossed reading Joanne Fluke’s - Hannah Swensen Mysteries (with recipes included!), as well as J.D. Robb’s In Death series.

I also joined Goodreads - the largest site for readers and book recommendations in the world. It’s a great site that has helped me keep everything book-related in one place, create an inventory so I can see, with a quick check on my phone app, the books I own so I don’t buy duplicates during my forays into thrift stores and discount bookstores. My books are all in one place, organized by category and I can keep track of what I have read and am currently reading, as well as rate the books & write recommendations. And, I’ve also won a handful of books in their giveaways! I have exported my “library” to create a main list and location schematic of where these books are located within all the stuff that is mine.

Through my use of Goodreads and because I write a Blog, am an avid reader, and since my career is in Marketing and PR, I have been given the opportunity to join NetGalley - an innovative and easy-to-use online service and connection point for book publishers, reviewers, media, librarians, booksellers, bloggers and educators.

I have made a commitment to myself and to these publishers who so graciously entrust me with reading and giving my opinion on books by their authors that interspersed with “personal” posts of Living Life by the Seat of Your Pants I will be posting reviews of books as well.

I am so glad that I rediscovered the joys of reading books.  I wish everyone would take more advantage of this wonderful gift. I hope you will join me in this quest!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

STILL Living Life by the Seat of My Pants

So a year ago on March 8, 2012 I published the first post of Living Life by the Seat of Your Pants.

For some reason I thought I published it a year ago today so that is why this is later than I had originally planned – a heavy undertaking for someone who doesn’t plan well…or in some cases, at all.
So what has transpired in the life of someone who continues to live her life by the seat of her pants?

·         I’m a year old and I’d like to think a little bit wiser

·         I’ve had my convertible car that I continue to enjoy but that definitely needs some work on – for 10 years!

·         I’m still single and haven’t had a date in what seems like forever

·         I have a beautiful, smiley, adorable Niece who I cannot wait to see again!

·         I had my hair cut into a Pixie and colored Auburn

·         I was temporarily laid off on March 1st

·         I currently own about 615 actual books

·         I have about 400 on my Nook

·         I’m still overweight

·         I still live in my cute cottage

·         I still smoke

·         I still own too much stuff

·         I still enjoy the beautiful weather in SoCal

·         And, I’ve kept up with this crazy undertaking of writing a Blog

A year later, not much has changed, but things can only if I chose to be conscious of what I’d like to change and take action to turn those changes into my reality.

Of course there are things that are beyond our control, but as I see it, you have to roll with the punches, give thanks for all you have, show gratitude and charity, and be open to all the possibilities this world and life has to offer you.

I’d like to thank everyone who has shown their support – whether it be with your comments, sharing my blog with your friends, or just your good wishes. It is very much appreciated.
So - Stay tuned. There’s more to come in this adventure that you’ve chosen to join me on.