Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Are Lefties in Their Right Mind?

I think I was supposed to be a lefty like my Mom.

Anyone who has met me knows that as far as my brain goes – I’m definitely leaning toward the RIGHT. And on the opposite spectrum my politics are definitely LEFT. Isn’t that interesting…or just average. You decide.
I have good hair – on the left side. It has a natural look about it. If I style it a certain way – it basically stays that way.

There’s a massive cowlick at the crown on my right side (the bain of my hair existence, ok…now add gray to that, but the bain of my hair none the less). An implanted tooth - on my right side. My bad back – right side (well, it shifts back & forth but I think that my left side is getting back at me for coddling the right side of my back for so long). The furrow in my brow…on my right side.

The issues I have on the left side of my body are scars – from cutting my finger, a scar on my left thigh from burning it with hot coffee, a scar on my knee from the coral in Hawaii, a scar on my nose from the skiing accident when I was 12, and the scar on my wrist from last year’s ganglion cyst removal.

I think all this happened because I’m off balance (insert, “No Shit Sherlock!” here), and should have been utilizing the left side of my body more than I do, so all these issues I have because I haven’t used the natural dominance that is the left side of my body.

I think if I had been utilizing the left side of my body more (because I really am a lefty), then I would not have had these accidents or issues that caused this mutilation of the previously perfect left side of what is ME!
Of course, I may just be losing my mind and am rambling on about total silliness that has wasted your precious time (insert, “Ummmm, Hell Ya!” here).

I appreciate the audience. I’ll be here all week. Thank you. Thank you very much!