Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rose Harbor in Bloom – Review

Rose Harbor in Bloom is the first Debbie Macomber book I’ve ever read…I do not know why.  

Even though this is the second book in the series, Ms. Macomber gives us enough of a glimpse into Jo Marie Rose’s background that you can get into the characters and the story right off the bat – even if you haven’t read the first installment. That is not always the case with series books.
The Inn itself is a character. It has its own place in the storyline, I see the entire Rose Harbor Inn as a quiet corner window seat with plenty of light, comfy cushions and warmth – wrapping its arms around you - a place of beauty, contemplation and healing.

I can visualize the characters and their stories as being real – not just characters made up in a piece of fiction. And, even though these characters visit the Inn and their storylines become the main focus of the book that is built around the ongoing story of Jo Marie and the citizens of Cedar Cove, once these characters leave the Inn their stories are well-rounded enough and come to an end at the conclusion of the book so you don’t feel cheated, but their conclusions are also new beginnings and you are invested in these characters enough that you want the book to be longer and branch off and pick up on the storylines so you can see what the future holds for them – hopefully, we’ll get a snippet or 2 in future books.
I am definitely going to find the first book in the series, TheInn at Rose Harbor, as well as make sure other Debbie Macomber cooks are on my “To Look for List” when I’m out & about.

Rose Harbor in Bloom by Debbie Macomber

Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine
Publication Date: Aug 13 2013

Disclaimer:This book was provided to reviewer from the publisher, Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine through NetGalley for the sole purpose of reading and review.