Monday, August 13, 2012

Review of "The Eyes of the Desert Sand (Chrysalis Chronicles #1)"

The Eyes of the Desert Sand (Chrysalis Chronicles #1)The Eyes of the Desert Sand by Edwin Wolfe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think the story would make an intriguing movie or series of movies – it’s an engaging story with a blend of elements of fantasy, history, sci-fi, mythology and reality, along with an array of characters and settings that you can imagine visually as you are reading.

The book just gives you a taste of each character and their personalities. It seems to jump right into the action, but I guess that’s what you have to do in a Youth-oriented story. I would have liked to get a little more in-depth into the characters and the storyline as a whole.

As an adult, I am so used to reading longer books that really dive deep into character personalities, their psychology, main character backgrounds, locales and sometimes inner-monologues of characters that I felt a little disappointed not to have more background - it delved right into The Residence, but I still felt a little lost at the beginning because it happened so fast.

The ending was a great setup for the next book in the series. I look forward to reading more about the world in the Chrysalis Chronicles, watch the richness of the characters grow, and the story unfold. And after that, I look forward to seeing the series emerge on the big screen!

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