Friday, April 4, 2014

Review of What Nora Knew

In “What Nora Knew”, a great statement was made about “Sleepless in Seattle” – you knew that in the end they were going to get together, but it was the setting & the circumstances. The journey.

In this book, I have a feeling that these 2 characters are going to get together…but I’m anxious to follow and be mesmerized by their journey.

Molly is tired of being a staff writer assigned to work on some of the strangest assignments – undercover speed dating, posing nude for an art studio, seeing if she can sneak a vibrator through a security scanner, and dancing with the Rockettes. She yearns for her own column and has the chance at the possibility with an assignment to write a story about finding love in New York City “in the style of Nora Ephron”…it does not go well.

Molly’s current relationship with a chiropractor bears shades of “Sleepless in Seattle’s” Annie’s relationship with Walter. It’s steady and comfortable, but lacks fire and passion.
She is not impressed when meeting Cameron, an already-established mystery writer. But, you can already see the sparks fly and the banter between them would rival any known characters who share that same type of chemistry. The audience already knows where they are heading, but it’s fun to watch their journey evolve.

Throughout the story, bits and snippets of Nora Ephron’s trifecta, “When Harry Met Sally”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, and "You've Got Mail” are sprinkled around – in the storyline, with the relationship of the characters and in the end, when the girls finds the right guy.
For any lover of Nora Ephron and chick-lit, "What Nora Knew" is a delightfully entertaining story to add to your weekend reading list and with the witty quips throughout the story between Molly and Cameron, the journey of would make Nora proud.

What Nora Knew
Linda Yellin
Pub Date: Jan 21 2014
Gallery Books

Disclaimer: This book was provided to reviewer from the publisher, Gallery Books through NetGalley for the sole purpose of reading and review.