Wednesday, July 15, 2015

48 is Great.

2015 has really been a strange year so far, I've had some really funky & strange experiences. Of course some of it is my doing, but not all...
It's a good thing I'm pretty laid back & it takes a lot for things to get to me, but really??
I haven't written a new Blog post since October of here is my year to date since January.

•  After having my car in the shop when I was away, I got it back & had more issues. After forking over another chunk of change - it totally died on me.
•  I donated my car after having it for almost 12 years. I cried when I was done cleaning it out.
•  Having to wear a bra finally paid off. $20 fell out when I took it off one day.
•  I bought a new car.
•  I had taken the cover off my phone because it kept dying fast. On Valentine's Day, I dropped the Phone and cracked the screen.
•  My "nephew", turned one. His mother used to fluff up my boobs when she was little and rest her head when watching TV.
•  I got sick in late February.
•  I stayed up talking to & hopefully imparting life lessons & wisdom until 3:30 am with my 26 year old neighbor.
•  I went to movie theater to see the 30th anniversary of "The Breakfast Club"
•  My Baby Sister got engaged...
•  I'll be 50 in less than 2 years.
•  Went to "Motown the Musical" opening night & party in LA - one of the cast's mother (who I thought was his friend), had on the same dress AND I tripped over the feet and fell in the middle of the crosswalk at Hollywood & Vine.
•  I spent time with my Brother in LA, San Diego & Costa Mesa.
•  My Godson got married.
•  I got felt up by a friend at Girls' Night Out.
•  I got back from my hometown visit and lost my house key.
•  I got sick again, over Memorial Day Weekend.
•  I met up with a hometown friend (who I actually never met in person, but graduated with her brother), AND it turns out her daughter's roommate is the niece of gals who I used to dance with AND, she grew up with and used to dance my "niece" who lives here now.
•  I'm very sad...Journey is on the "Oldies" station.
•  I got to spend some nice quality time with my Sister-in-Law & Niece.
•  ...My Baby Sister eloped.
•  It's been 30 years since I graduated High School.
•  A bird pooped on my head at SeaWorld.
•  I connected on Facebook with my Junior High crush...WHO HAS LIVED IN SAN DIEGO this whole time!
•  Was at the wrong baby shower...for 2 hours.
•  I've been at my job for a year.
•  I got locked in a dressing room at a thrift store.
•  I bought a Wicked Smaht TV…