Monday, June 30, 2014

Dance, Like No One is Watching

Even though people are inevitably watching…and pointing…and laughing…

NO! I’m only kidding!

OK…maybe I’m not!

But of course I decided to get my groove on yesterday afternoon…

in the Self-Help section…

So…if people were watching and pointing and laughing, I really didn’t care! And that is a great way to BE! That’s what I said…TO BE!!! I was truly just being the moment and that moment was grand.
My favorite fast song came on (Got to Be Real by Cheryl Lynn, 1978). I was whiling away the time of my last weekend before starting my new job on Tuesday.

It's been 16 months since I got laid off. And, I’ve dabbled here & there – did a little volunteers work; some ghost Blog writing for a friend’s website design business.  I was fortunate enough to spend time back East with the family last summer and this past winter.  Reading and writing (although I’ve read far more than I’ve written) – book reviews for publishers from NetGalley. Writing my Blog (but definitely not enough or regularly), clutter-clearing my stuff that was in storage – but still have not finished – it’s a work in progress…just like ME! And, I’ve done some thinking…and sometimes I’ve been stuck in a rut. Oh ya, I’ve also looked and interviewed for jobs.

So, as I said, I was in the Self-Help section of Barnes & Noble, looking through the titles, opening some up & browsing, and my fave dance song came on (it’s also my call ringtone, but I think I’m changing that), and I started to sing to myself and move it/move it.

I did think about what people must have thought of me as they passed by the aisle, for about a split second, but then as I’m shaking my groove thing, looking through a plethora of books about doing what you love to do, how to be happy, how to give up fear, growing as a person, finding your passion and living your dreams – I smiled to myself and kept right on grooving!

I thought, it was something kids do all the time and why the hell shouldn’t I just be in the moment and do something I love! Mind you, I wasn’t getting down like I do on a dance floor, but it was nice to feel the music, sway to it and shake my bon bon a bit!

It was a very empowering and soul expanding experience. I highly recommend it to EVERYONE!