Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let It Go!!!

A few weeks ago I was at a very low point. I was tired of the “Endless Revolving Door” that seems to be my life.

Mind you, I say it “seems to be” – not, “It is”. Because if I truly believe “IT IS” my life, then where would I go? Just round and round again instead of putting my foot firmly down to stop the door, move it a smidge – just enough to squeeze through - and burst out into the sunlight and make the decision to change what seems to be, or stay stuck and in an endless loop of a not-so-much-fun merry-go-round.

Everyone is on the “Let It Go” from “Frozen” kick!  I didn’t realize that I am too, but in a much different way. I “downloaded” everything I was feeling and experiencing, and presented it to my friends, family & anyone else who wanted to listen. It made me very vulnerable, but that was my choice to open up…and share, not just write it and “fahgettaboudit.”
If you have never read The Sedona Method, you should. Actually, ANY self-help, mind-body, “new-fad guru make you feel happy book” will do. They really do help. Even if you just take a main theme or strategy and it stays lingering somewhere in the back of your mind…it’s worth cracking open a book, listening to an audio file, watching a webinar or taking a course.

Ask friends, ask family, and ask strangers…they’ll tell you if something worked for them. I’ve noticed more now than ever before, people will give you their opinion and promote or refute ideas, products, services, music, books, TV shows, everything! It’s the power of technology and the explosion of social media and the transparency it gives us into the world around us – the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s the price we pay for technology and information at your fingertips.
The basis of The Sedona Method is taking things that are in your life – now or in the past, anything that is interrupting it and making you miserable or just unhappy or unfulfilled, and bring it to the forefront of your consciousness and having you ponder the question, “Can I let this go?”
I started reading the book some time ago and put it down, but still have a bookmark in place – could have been a year or a few years. Of course I put it down in Part I at the section where they want you to “do the work”. That’s usually a place where I stop. It is the place where you have to start exposing yourself…usually to yourself. That’s some scary stuff!!!

But, the fact that I remembered what the basis of the method is and what it’s all about – well, that has to say something about the program and that even though I’m not aware of it; the strategies are rolling around in this “big bulbous brain” of mine (2 points if you can tell me where this sentiment is from, and 3 more points if you know who said it).
Well, I just opened it up and what do you think starts on the very next page???  It’s the first exercise in Chapter 7 – Letting Go of the Four Basic Wants. As I flipped over the next few pages, the other exercises are there and they all are “Written Releasing” exercises!

Without even being aware of it, that is just what I did in my last Blog post.

And…I’ve been thinking if not finding a job yet and the stress it’s caused me is only about the increasingly precarious financial issues I’ve found myself in. And I’ve come to the conclusion, for better or worse, it’s not. It’s also about how it’s made me feel about myself, my skills, my experiences, my work, the trail I’ve taken so far, things I’ve worked for, things I haven’t done that I should have or wanted to do, everything that has brought me to here and now.

I’ve thought of whether or not I should just change my career path or even my life course for that matter and try to stop “Living Life by the Seat of My Pants”.  And this self-discovery road I’ve been on, but have only taken baby steps in and have yet to delve into who I am, what do I want, why am I here – maybe it’s just the right time to do it.
I’m now at the point where I’ve had an interview with a potential boss and the president of the company, as well as several team members, and references have been called…now it’s time to play a game. The Waiting Game! Oooooo fun!

The really funny thing is that the maximum pay for the job is what I ended at a job 13 years ago. The benefits are nil, and it’s farther than I’ve travelled for a job in a decade.  BUT, the products are really cool, the people I’d be working with seem very nice, creative and dedicated to making the company succeed, and I can see the potential for growth – both professionally and personally.
So, if offered I intend to accept with a resounding, “YES!”

So, as I said at the end of my last post – Tomorrow IS another day. And, it WAS another day and after I had partaken in a Written Release exercise (without even knowing it), I found that no matter what happens next, it was truly a release and I can LET IT GO!!!

Onwards and Upwards! CHARGE!!!